Wiremesh sensors measure the instantaneous, local fluid conductivity on a matrix of up to 128 x 128 measurement locations, with a frame-rate of up to 10,000 frames/s. A simplified scheme of the wire-mesh working principle together with an example of a wire-mesh sensor for a 2″ pipe is shown below:

A larger wire-mesh sensor for a square cross-section is shown on the left. We design and build sensors for a variety of cross-sections. 

Examples of measurements taken with wiremesh sensors for single-phase mixing flows and two-phase flow respectively are shown in the two videos below.

Single-phase mixing in a reactor model. Water is injected on both sides, but only the water injected on the left is visualized. Core channels are present in the upper section of the vessel.

Air-water flow in a  2″ diameter pipe

3D measurement of transient flashing flow using two wire-mesh sensors.