High-speed Xray radiography allows to image two-phase flows in non-transparent pipes. Our high-speed Xray system consists of a 150 KV Xray tube powered by a 80 kW power supply and an imaging system. 

The imaging system include:

  1. an image intensifier coupled to a high-speed camera
  2. high-speed, high-resolution detector panels of various size.

The imaging system is selected depending on the applications needs in terms of field of view, spatial and temporal resolution, and noise level. 

CAD (left) and photo (right) of imaging setup with image intensifier. 


The X-ray imaging system is mounted on a table with max aperture of 1.2m to accommodate test sections of various sizes.

 In the image below, the tomographic image of a sodium-cooled reactor fuel assembly mock-up is imaged.